Business Document Scanning Services

Record Keeping Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Document Scanning Services LLC is committed to streamlining your company’s file storage and establishing an efficient environment for record keeping. Our Ft. Lauderdale business document scanning services help you upgrade to a more manageable record keeping process, free of paper files and incompatible file formats.

Types of Documents We Scan

Our services allow you to digitally convert a wide variety of documents, including:

  • Accounts payable and receivables
  • Human resources
  • maps, drawings, newspapers and blueprints

There is no need to limit your paperless file storage to larger documents when we can convert virtually any size document. Just present us with what you’d like scanned and we’ve got you covered.

Nationwide Pick-up and Delivery

Our nationwide services including pick-up and delivery options for all clients. Once your documents have been packed for pick-up, we will have them picked up and delivered back to our office to scan. Once we’re finished, the documents will be returned and delivered right to your door.

Document Preparation

Prepping documents for scanning involves a great deal of attention. Documents are looked through carefully to remove any materials that may be binding sheets together (i.e paper clips, staples, rubber bands). Our team also helps maximize the quality of the scan by making sure that all sheets are free of any folds or creases—this helps ensure that the content of the documents is clearly visible prior to scanning.

Scanning Your Documents

This is the final step in the document scanning process. Our state of the art scanners allow for quality, legible digital documents.

Paperless document storage is a modern approach to record keeping and can save you both time and money from storing physical documents. We take the necessary steps to ensure your information is handled professionally throughout the scanning process to deliver quality results. Fill out our online form today and receive a free scanning quote, or call us at 954-271-0118 to learn more about our document scanning process and how it can benefit your business.