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4 Business Improvements that Will Promote Efficiency in 2024

Apply These Business Improvements for a Successful Year

With a new year comes a new opportunity to review business improvements for your organization. There’s always room to streamline processes in your office which will yield a more efficient atmosphere for you and your team. What better time to apply these improvements than early in the year?

Here are 4 business improvements that will promote business efficiency for your business in 2024.

Perform a major document Purge

While this is something that is usually done at the end of the year, it’s important to perform this process periodically, nevertheless. The reason is simple: you could be hoarding documents that no longer need to be stored. This created an unnecessary volume of clutter in file cabinets and storage spaces—and this clutter is costing your business money. Assign a team to look through document archives and weed out the documents that no longer need to be stored to maximize office space.

Of course, we know there’s a catch to document retention; there are laws and regulations in place that require businesses to retain certain kinds of documents for a specific length of time. So, before diving into a document purge, reference your state and industry’s document retention guidelines for an overview of what should stay and what can go.

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Switch to digital document storage

Storing your documents in a digital platform can be one of the most efficient business improvements you adopt this year. While it was suspected that nearly 50% of businesses would go paperless in 2015, you can ease into this transition by tackling your file storage. Instead of relying on file cabinets and storage spaces to archive documents, recruit the help of a document scanning company to convert them into digital files. Some of the benefits of scanning your business documents include:

Improved safety: Accidents happen. Safeguarding your stored documents by scanning them will protect them against the possibility of an office fire or natural disaster that would otherwise destroy important documents.

Financial efficiency: We already mentioned how costly it can be to print and store documents. Think of how much your business spends on paper, ink, and printer maintenance alone. Over the course of a year, this amount can add up to a pretty penny—and that’s money you could be putting towards other processes. Storing documents digitally will prevent the need to reprint a document.

Adopting a green thumb: Going paperless is a way to transition into an eco-friendly office culture. It was also one of the “go green” strategies for entrepreneurs in 2015.

Index your documents to keep them organized

Scanning your documents doesn’t mean you’ll be sacrificing organization. Document Scanning Services LLC offers document indexing services to clients to want to access their files quickly. Documents can be indexed via two options:

  • Full-text indexing, which requires indexing the entire document. This is a broader search and allows you to search for a document using a variety of words and phrases.
  • Meta text indexing, which is a more specific search.

Have Documents Stored on Microfilm or Microfiche? Convert them before it’s too late

Many businesses rely on the use of microfilm or microfiche equipment to view archived documents. While this was once a popular way to store documents, technology has trumped this process and allowed businesses to digitize documents more easily and reliably. If your businesses still view documents via microfilm or microfiche, you could be endangering the quality of your documents. Maintaining the equipment needed to view these kinds of files can be costly and must be stored in a specific environment to avoid damage. A microfilm or microfiche conversion can guarantee that documents are easily legible and accessible across several platforms.

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